Finkenauer Campaign Releases New Ad Featuring Local Firefighters

Abby Finkenauer’s campaign today released a new television ad, entitled “Support.” The ad can be viewed here and began airing today, October 25, in the Cedar Rapids market.

The ad features Jake and Ted, firefighters in Peosta and Dubuque, talking about Abby’s commitment to Iowa’s working families and calling out the lies Rod Blum and Republicans have told about her.


Finkenauer spokesperson Kate Waters issued the following statement:

“Congressman Rod Blum running a desperate campaign that’s focused on attacking Representative Abby Finkenauer to distract from the votes he’s taken to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and give a tax cut to millionaires and corporations, putting Medicare and Social Security at risk,” said Kate Waters. “Abby is focused on meaningful solutions to the issues she hears about from folks like Jake and Ted: addressing the cost of health care, protecting workers rights, bringing good-paying jobs back to our communities, and making sure Medicare and Social Security are secure.”

A full transcript of the ad is below:

Jake: How I was raised is you help people in their time of need.

Ted: Iowa means we take care of people. Abby, she knows what needs to be done for us – you know, to take care of us – because she was born and raised in a blue-collar family

Jake: I believe she’s sincere and honest. She’s got strong moral convictions. And she fought hard for our rights.

Ted: Rod Blum’s out for Rod Blum. He’s not out for Iowans.

Jake: A lot of the ads that Rod Blum and the Republicans are running – there’s a lot of blatant lies.

Ted: Do the right thing – I would vote for Abby.

Jake: Abby has a voice for the working-class Americans.