Finkenauer Earns the Des Moines Register’s Endorsement

“Democrat Abby Finkenauer, who is challenging Blum, is a 29-year-old state representative from Dubuque. She’s run a highly competitive race against Blum, the two-term incumbent, and has demonstrated a solid grasp of issues facing the district. If Finkenauer wins, she’ll be one of the youngest women ever elected to Congress.

She noted during her interview with us that she is still trying to pay off about $20,000 in college loans. She’s incredulous that Congress has not made it possible for people like her to at least refinance their student debt.

‘When I think about why maybe it hasn’t gotten done, it could be because there’s not a lot of people, again, sitting around the table making these decisions that are paying off student loans, who have any idea what that’s like. … I think it’s important that we have that viewpoint in D.C.’

So do we. It’s just one of the reasons we endorse Finkenauer.”

Read the full endorsement in today’s Des Moines Register here.