Finkenauer Releases Fourth Ad of the General Election

Dubuque, IA – Abby Finkenauer’s campaign today released the fourth television ad of the general election, titled “Trust.” The ad can be viewed below or here and will begin airing today, September 20, in the Cedar Rapids market.

The ad focuses on Finkenauer’s commitment to protecting Medicare and Social Security and bringing down the cost of prescription drugs, in contrast with Rod Blum’s vote to let insurance companies charge older Americans more for their health insurance and gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

“Our seniors depend on Medicare and Social Security, and I’ll fight to protect them against any efforts to cut benefits or weaken their solvency,” said Abby Finkenauer. “And I’ll work to ensure that seniors on fixed incomes can afford their prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies.”

As the general election ramps up, IA-01 is widely regarded as a key US House battleground. Excitement and momentum for the campaign continues to grow, with Finkenauer more than doubling Rod Blum’s fundraising total for the second quarter and outraising the incumbent four reporting periods in a row.

A transcript of the ad can be found below:

“Social Security and Medicare is a responsibility we have to each other. It’s a trust I’ll never break. What I will do is let Medicare negotiate lower drug prices, which are too high. I’ll never do what Rod Blum did, by voting to let insurance companies charge older folks higher premiums – what AARP calls an age tax. I won’t let that happen. I’m Abby Finkenauer and I approve this message because this is personal, for all of us.”