Finkenauer Calls on Rod Blum to Stand up for Iowa Farmers Amid Concern Over Ag Uncertainty

Dubuque, IA – Abby Finkenauer, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Iowa’s First District, today called on Congressman Rod Blum to use today’s reported town hall with US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to finally start standing up for farmers concerned over the uncertainty and instability created by Washington’s reckless ag policies.

“Once again, Rod Blum has a chance to stand up to the administration and demand a strategy for how they will provide the long-term certainty that our farmers need,” said Abby Finkenauer. “From loose talk but no action on E15, to launching a trade war on Twitter with no strategy or plan, the administration is creating instability in Iowa’s economy and we are paying the price.

“Our ag economy doesn’t work on a Twitter cycle. Our farmers want stable markets and certainty – but they’re getting neither from our leaders in Washington right now. It’s long past time for Rod Blum to stop thanking the administration for their reckless policies and instead demand they articulate a clear strategy on these important issues.”

Blum’s event with Secretary Perdue is the third time he has welcomed a prominent member of the administration to defend their reckless trade policy, following visits by Vice President Pence and President Trump.

These visits have come as anxiety has grown about the Twitter trade war. Retaliatory tariffs have led to a $2 drop in prices for soybeans, leaving Iowa farmers to face a potential loss of $772 million.

The administration’s announcement of short-term aid via a Depression-era policy has been met with skepticism, with the President of the Iowa Soybean Association calling it “not a long-term remedy” to the loss of Chinese markets, and saying: “Twenty-eighteen is indeed the year of the trade war story, but 2019 is the bigger story if this trade war continues.”

While other Republican members of Iowa’s federal delegation have spoken out about how this trade war is impacting Iowa farmers, Rod Blum has instead thanked Donald Trump for his “political courage.”