Finkenauer Releases Second Ad of the General Election

Dubuque, IA – Abby Finkenauer’s campaign today released the second television ad of the general election, titled “Tom.” The ad can be viewed here and will begin airing Tuesday, August 21st in the Cedar Rapids market. This follows last week’s release of the first ad, “Dinner Table,” which will continue to air alongside “Tom.”


The ad features a testimonial by Tom Townsend, Business Manager for IBEW Local 704.

“Working people in Iowa are ready to send someone to DC who will fight for them, not the special interests,” said Abby Finkenauer. “In the Iowa legislature I wasn’t just a vote for the issues important to working families, I was a voice — and I’ll do the same in Congress.”

As the general election ramps up, IA-01 is widely regarded as a key US House battleground and considered a ‘Toss-Up’ by multiple political observers. Excitement and momentum for the campaign continue to grow, with Finkenauer more than doubling Rod Blum’s fundraising total for the second quarter and outraising the incumbent four reporting periods in a row.

A transcript of the ad can be found below:

Tom Townsend: “Abby Finkenauer is always very hard working in everything she does, because she truly cares.”

Abby Finkenauer: “Do you step up for folks, or do you not? And the Iowa I grew up in, we step up for each other. That is who we are.”

Tom Townsend: “And when she says it, she means it. It’s not politics to her, it’s real. Whether it’s workers’ rights or safety or healthcare, she had our back in Des Moines. I know she’ll have our back in Congress.”

Abby Finkenauer: “I’m Abby Finkenauer, and I approve this message.”