Finkenauer calls for thoughtful approach to tariffs

Our manufacturing and agriculture industries are closely tied. When our farmers are doing well, they buy more combines – made right here in Iowa. That’s why the Administration’s willingness to get involved in a trade war is deeply troubling – our economy is interconnected and any tariffs must be thoughtfully and deliberately studied before being applied to make sure they do not end up harming working families. There is no question that China is a bad actor. But our country’s trade policy must be conducted strategically with the goal of strengthening Iowa workers, and these recent actions do not meet that test.

This is personal for families across the Midwest – my sister and brother-in-law live on a soybean farm and rely on it to provide for their family. Now, because of these tariffs, they’re concerned about their livelihood. They are not alone – countless Iowa families are going to sleep each night with the same worries.

My top priority has always been building the climate to create jobs and raise wages for working families here in eastern Iowa. We do that best by growing our entire economy and lifting all families. That’s what I’ll fight for every day in Congress, and I’ll oppose any actions that harm Iowa workers.