Finkenauer Receives Endorsement From Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 125

Dubuque, IA – Today, Local 125 – Plumbers and Pipefitters of East Central Iowa endorsed Abby Finkenauer in Iowa’s First Congressional District. Local 125 serves over 1,100 members in Eastern Iowa.

Speaking about the endorsement, Jerry Hobart, Business Manager & Financial Secretary of Local 125 said:

“The working men and women of Eastern Iowa need a representative in Congress we can trust to fight for us – and there’s no one we trust more to put us first than Abby Finkenauer. Whether it’s standing up to attacks on our rights or fighting for more jobs and better wages, Abby’s always done the right thing by working Iowans in the State House, and we know she’ll do the same in Washington, DC.”

Finkenauer thanked Local 125 for their trust and remarked on the special meaning of their endorsement:

“I am so honored to have earned this endorsement from United Association Local 125. It’s especially meaningful because my dad, Jerry, has been a member of the United Association for 40 years. Growing up, I didn’t just see the difference UA made in the lives of hardworking families – I lived it. Families like mine are the backbone of Eastern Iowa. They’re the reason I’m running for Congress – I want to fight alongside of them and be their voice because I come from where they come from. When I went to serve in the State House, I took one of my dad’s sweatshirts, covered in holes from the sparks that flew off his welding rod, and I kept it with me at my desk on the House floor, because I never want to forget who I’m fighting for. I’ll keep fighting for hardworking Iowans, until we win this seat back and make their voices heard. You can be sure, that sweatshirt will be coming along to the U.S. House.”