Finkenauer: “Congressional Budget Office confirms the AHCA is the disaster we feared.”

Dubuque, IA – Following today’s report by the Congressional Budget Office on the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Abby Finkenauer released the following statement:

Today’s report by the Congressional Budget Office confirms the AHCA is the disaster we feared. Simply put, the AHCA implements an Age Tax that dramatically raises premiums for seniors, erodes the quality of healthcare and will eliminate coverage for millions of Americans. Rod Blum’s support for this draconian proposal has shown Iowans exactly where his priorities are – with drug companies and insurance executives. This unconscionable plan hurts regular Iowans, and is why Rod Blum should no longer represent the 1st District in Congress.

  • The Republican Health Care Bill would result in:
  • 14 million Americans losing health care coverage in the next year
  • 23 million Americans losing coverage over the next decade
  • Skyrocketing premiums for those who are the sickest and for seniors, dubbed an “Age Tax” by the AARP
  • Raises out-of-pocket costs for hardworking families by raising premiums, deductibles, and the cost of prescription drugs
  • Eliminates guaranteed protections for those with pre-existing conditions like cancer, asthma, diabetes or pregnancy
  • A woman who completed her pregnancy with minor or no complications could see a whopping $17,320 premium surcharge
  • Experts have concluded a 40-year-old with Asthma could be saddled with a $4,340 premium surcharge
  • Diabetes without complications could cost a 40-year-old individual $5,600
  • Beginning in 2020, the state of Iowa would see a Medicaid cost increase of 333% due to AHCA cuts to federal Medicaid matching rates