We Can Do Better

Last night, after a nice evening of unwinding and catching up on “A Handmaid’s Tale,” I scrolled through Twitter for news before heading to bed.

This is what I saw.

This is where we are right now as a country. The ongoing drumbeat of revelations in Washington related to the Russia investigation and the President’s comments to former FBI Director Comey have paralyzed Congress.

No one in Washington is working to advance the interests of the middle class. No one in Washington is working to create economic security for Iowa’s families.

The gross incompetence of GOP leaders at our federal level is pushing all the issues that Iowans talk about around their kitchen tables to the side.

This is wrong. We have got to do better, and we can do better.

Let’s bring leadership, and well…a backbone, back to Iowa’s first congressional district. Join me at abbyfinkenauer.com/teamabby