I was taught the value of public service from my late Grandfather, a Lt. Firefighter. He showed me that no matter how hot the flames, you do your job and you serve every person in your community.

It’s clear today, Rep. Rod Blum can’t take the heat — it’s time for new leadership.

To recap, that’s who represents us right now. Someone who checks ID’s for town hall attendees, doesn’t like answering questions about why he checks ID’s, and then storms out of a TV interview with a room full of children watching when he doesn’t like another question.

This ? Is ? Not ? Ok ?!!!

While Rod Blum may have the job right now, let him know his actions don’t represent you.

Donate $18 right now to help me take him down in 2018!

This is unacceptable behavior, period. You deserve better from an elected official, and that’s exactly why I’m running.

Let’s get to work.