Finkenauer Statement on US House Republican Health Care Deal

Dubuque, IA – Following today’s announcement of a deal between U.S. House Republican Leadership and Rep. Rod Blum’s Freedom Caucus, State Representative Abby Finkenauer released the following statement:

“Rod Blum should be ashamed of himself. This plan will make Iowans pay more, plain and simple. Taking health care away from 24 million Americans while at the same time exempting Members of Congress like himself from losing their benefits is truly unconscionable.

“I encourage Congressman Blum to spend a little less time in Washington and a little more time with Iowa’s families who depend on their health care coverage.”

The Republican Health Care Bill and its Macarthur Amendment would result in:

  • 24,000,000 Americans losing health care coverage.
  • States being allowed to end essential health benefits.
  • Insurance companies will be allowed to charge more for pre-existing conditions.
  • A woman who completed her pregnancy with minor or no complications could see a whopping $17,320 premium surcharge.
  • Experts have concluded a 40-year-old with Asthma could be saddled with a $4,340 premium surcharge.
  • Diabetes without complications could cost a 40-year-old individual $5,600.